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一个下雨天(A rainy day)

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  一个下雨天(a rainy day)

  this morning,i woke up with a start: my clock was alarming. unwillingly opened my eyes, i found it was 6:30 already.nevertheless, the room was very gloomy, for it was raining outside. what a cold day! how comfortable it would be if i could stay in bed for the whole day, reading a favourite book in the sound of rain. but, i did have to go to work.

  though it was a rush hour, on the way, there were fewer people than usual. many people arduously held an umbrella which was always blown down by a blast of wind.fortunately , i was dressed in a raincoat. several yards away, a policeman was guiding the traffic in the rain. i was filled with deep esteem for his seriousness.i kept thinking of today's plan for a short while and,then,i was in my office. a busy day is beginning ……


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  • 一个下雨天(A rainy day)
  • 一个下雨天(a rainy day)this morning,i woke up with a start: my clock was alarming. unwillingly opened my eyes, i found it was 6:30 already.nevertheless, the room was very gloomy, for it was raining...

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